Biochemic Therapy

Who would not like to feel fit, healthy and balanced all the time? In our often hectic, super busy life, it’s difficult, if not impossible to keep our body & mind in balance.

When this balance is disturbed, it can quickly affect the immune system and make us more susceptible to illness, as our cells are not functioning as they should be.

The body needs 12 essential minerals to function correctly.
Mineral salts are small constituents of our cells, but nonetheless essential for their functioning.
We commonly know we need magnesium; for sleep, for crampy muscles… but do you know which type of magnesium? (I do :-))
These minerals might be present in our food, yet they often do not end up where they are actually needed in our body.

Through biochemic study and a sound understanding of the chemical processes in the body, we can help your body harmonise and regulate chemical processes in the cells by supplementing with the specific minerals that are deficient, and specifically, the minerals in the right type/form.

Call or email to discuss your needs and book your session with me today, and see the results for yourself.

Initial consultation  90min      $120-
includes first mineral (bottle of 200tablets) and wellness programme

Follow Up 45-60min     $80-
includes any updates to your mineral programme

Depending on the severity and duration of symptoms, programmes can be tailored to suit personal needs. Initial programmes are set for 4 weeks and can be altered according to symptom reduction and changes. Phone support is provided for those who cannot attend the clinic frequently.