Get Ready, Get Set, GO! It’s 2017!!

2017 is here, and its shaping up to be a big year!

In numerology it is a “1” year which is a fresh start to the 9 year cycle. A year of new starts, beginnings and opportunities.

Not everything that is faced can be changed,
but nothing can be changed until it is faced.

James Baldwin

No matter how familiar things may seem, you are on an entirely different road now. The 1 year is the first year of a brand new nine-year cycle of your life. It urges you to create a more satisfying existence by recognizing the new potential that is developing. It is a time of change and new beginnings. Last year brought an entire nine-year era of your life to an end and was probably emotional and confusing. However, those experiences were necessary so that this year’s new beginnings can occur. The past is over, but you will need to release the feelings and beliefs that are still anchoring you to it. Then, instead of being shocked or confused by this year’s changes, you will more easily understand their purpose.

This is a year of new interests, experiences, goals, and understandings: about life, about you, where you have been, where you are now, and where you would like to be. And, because so much drastic change is required, you will also be learning the meaning of courage. You will gain self awareness this year. You will learn about individuality, and the vital changes that must take place within you if you are to attain what you need. You will be learning about independence, leadership, and originality, and you will need great faith in yourself in order to take appropriate action. You will encounter situations involving your deepest feelings, your unique mind and talent, and your need for greater freedom.

Accept the need for real and significant change.
You may start to doubt beliefs and attitudes you held dear, as you realize they are no longer appropriate to current circumstances. You may start to feel out of place around people with whom you have always felt comfortable, and may question their continuing role in your life. Doubts may arise as to how you can be free when responsibilities or circumstances seem to stand in your way. Feel every feeling that arises around such issues. At some point, you will instinctively know that it’s time to move in a completely different direction, even if it means doing so alone.

For your personalised birth path click here. I find Dan Millman’s information particularly accurate and personalised to your birth date and year.

The only thing you can definitely expect this year is change. Maser once area of your life and one change will lead to another, and then another. Focus on what is best for you, and then go ahead in that direction. Start afresh. Decide which direction you want your long term future to take, then take decisive steps toward these goals.

Remember your ego! The emphasis is on you this year, and in may creep the guilt that tells you that you are wrong to focus on yourself and that ego is the problem. It is not. The solution is to stop judging yourself. This will enable you to balance your ego between overblown or deflated.
Without change, we struggle to hold on to useless situations.
As 1 is the number of independence, you will be aware of your various dependencies this year. Imagine the freedom you would enjoy without them.
If you loose track, take a step backward and look at your last goal, and move forward with it. I find it helpful to keep a journal or note of these things to refer back to.
Good Luck !!!

The planets are aligning (no I’m not kidding, try a stargazer app on your phone!) For Apple / Android

All the planets in the Solar system move around the Sun as also the Earth. But from the earthly perspective it seems as if the earth is not moving, and all the planets are moving around the earth with it as the centre. This is just an optical illusion. Hence the planets appear to stop, go backward referred to as retrograde, stop again and go forward called as Direct motion. When the planets are in retrograde it is best to avoid new ventures and stick to routine jobs.
Planetary shifts and retrogrades happen every year. Here’s a brief rundown of each planet for 2017:

Mercury will have just finished retrograde on 27th January, just in time for the Chinese new year to start on the 28th.
Venus starts it’s retrograde on March 4th, so just when you think you’ve got this whole New Year thing down pat, BOOM! Venus retrograde brings with it the areas of your life involving money &/or love. Old relations could return or be completed. Dont’ worry too much – Venus goes retrograde every 18months or so, we’re used to these energies even if we’re not aware of whats happening in the solar system.

Thankfully my reports tell me that Mars will not go retrograde in 2017. Mars takes approximately 2 years (or 687 days) to complete a revolution around the Sun. Phew! We can leave that one to next year (2018). When Mars goes retrograde an action becomes difficult and we are better off not fighting it. Finishing incomplete work, tasks and repairs are ideal tasks for this time.

Jupiter is currently retrograde. Did you notice? In perfect timing with New Year’s resolutions and goal setting, when Jupiter is retrograde it’s a time to do exactly that! Review your visions, ideals, vales and belief systems on life. A Jupiter retrograde lasts up to 120 days, and starts on February 6th, 2017.

It takes Saturn around 29.5years to do a complete revolution around the Sun. It goes into retrograde every year for around 140days. This year, 2017, it will start retrograde on 5th April. That period is a good time to revisit your relation ships, responsibilites, and long term goals. It is a time to restructure the way we manifest our reality and find new solutions toward ongoing problems.

Uranus in retrograde is a time to focus on our inner freedom. It goes into retrograde every year for approximately 148 days. This year in 2017 this will start on August 2nd (so there’s a loooonnnnngggg wait until then… Phew!)

Neptune… the Big Blue Planet. Taking 164 years to complete a revolution around the sun (how do we even know this information! It’s amazing!) it moves into retrograde almost every year. When in retrograde, our spirituality, inner peace, and inner vision become the focus. On 16th June 2017 Neptune will begin retrograde for approximately 150 days.

And Pluto… (No, not the loveable goofy Disney character) the ‘dwarf’ planet as it is now categorized. Taking 248 years to complete a revolution around the Sun, it was first considered to be the  9th and fartherest planet from the Sun in our Solar System. Further studies in 2005 found it to belong to the Kupier Belt ,a ring of bodies beyond Neptune.
Pluto goes into retrograde it’s good to reflect on our personal journeys of change and transformation. So starting April 20th this year is a good time, and ongoing for 5-6 months.



Lunar Calender
According to Chinese lunar calendar, it is Year of the Rooster in 2017.

Running on the lunar calendar, it starts on January 28th. So you’ve still got time to sort out your remnants of 2016 and get ready for a fast paced year of development!

2016 was year of the monkey; with unexpected turns, tricks, sways and roundabouts. It was a ‘hard’ year for all, and we lost many loved ones and iconic peoples. I suppose to make sense of it all we could reason the tremendous loss to demonstrating that we are all human, and the clock is ticking. We’re all here for a limited time, and when our time is up, that’s it.

I think that 2017 year of the Rooster will prove to be a happier, cheerier year for people. Note I did not say easy; line your ducks up and sort out old emotions from 216 because 2017 is going to be a fast paced ride full of opportunities, be warned if you’re not ready the opportunities will pass you by.
Opportunity can present in a number of ways. It may be as small as learning a new ‘coping’ pattern for stress, or finding a new group of like minded people to hang out with.
Maybe it’s that big promotion at work, or an entrepreneurial opportunity that presents itself.
Whatever it is, be ready!

Bring on 2017!!

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