Feeling Blessed

How do I start off 2022?
Because that is how I choose to start. I am so blessed (sometimes I say ‘lucky’) to be the mamma to two beautiful little souls who teach me so much. I feel blessed to live where I live, in this slow and almost- country-feel town. I feel blessed to have the kind caring family and friends around me. And to have shoes on my feet and food in my belly.

I know 2022 is going to be a rough ride in many ways. I have pieced together some things that remind me of fulfillment and joy, and set them on a coffee table in the entry; so every time I go past I am reminded to ground myself, and visit that feeling of being surrounded by love.

I tell my kids it’s ok to feel scared sometimes. I tell myself the same.
The world has some scary stuff going on. Really scary for so many people. (*sending you all a big hug and kiss right now*)
I remind myself that I am so lucky, so blessed to have my health, food in my belly and a roof over my head.

And when it’s all too much and I want to stay in bed and under the fluffy covers I remind myself just how fast a year goes these days.

Stay strong, stay grounded, and as always, stay true to yourself.
* Namaste *

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