A little about me…


Firstly thanks for visiting.
I imagine you’ve been drawn here in the pursuit of improving your health, wellness or relaxation (or all three)

I come from a sporting background, I was introduced to natural therapies and products after experiencing a major sporting injury in my late teens. After many years of conventional medicine of varying degrees of success, I found a solution to pain management and healing  in Natural Therapies- primarily Bowen Therapy.

To this day when I think about how I used to function physically, I’m still amazed at the outcome of treatment.
Initially I thought it to be a ‘one time miracle’, but soon after realised that where I am today; pain free and walking is largely a result of the dedication and time put into the study and compassionate application of natural therapies that has got me to where I am today. I thank ALL my natural therapists over the years… you know who you are 

From that experience, I started my journey of studying natural therapies. My aim in starting natural therapies was that to assist positive change for just one person in the way I had experienced myself

Over the past 12 years I’ve had the honour of assisting and empowering many people towards their wellness goals and a better, pain free lifestyle. It’s my joy, passion and I love my work. I always say to new clients: ‘If I can’t help you, I’ll help you find someone who can’

I’ve always felt a need to be working with people in a positive way, and found that through my experiences and study I’ve learnt many of the mechanics of the body, and how it responds to a ‘healing’ application of technique. As Bowen Therapy (Fascial Kinetics) states “Listening is Healing”.

I’ve aimed my study and practice toward treating both structure and function (bones & muscle) and addressing the body, mind and spirit through various techniques. I’m always learning, always reading and studying. I love to learn. If I don’t know the answer, I’ll do my best to find it.

My second passion is helping people find their own balance and relaxation at home.
This has lead to the creation of hand made soy candles, essential oil blends and rollers and a sourcing quality items such as aromadiffusers , tibetian bowls/bells and himalayan salt lamps.
If you can’t find what you’re looking for here on the online store, or you’ve seen something at a local market, pop me a quick message and ask…. I’m always trying new things, and not everything ends up on the online store!

I look forward to crossing paths soon…

:: Namaste ::

 Kylie Jones
Founder of KALM Wellness