Stress-Busting Essential Oils

In this fast paced, ever changing world, STRESS is a buzz word. It’s unavoidable in our modern society, unnatural at these high levels and has reached heights that it feels unmanageable for many.

When stress becomes rampant our body pays the price and stress manifest is all sorts of ‘interesting’ ways. inability to manage moods, insomnia, digestive distress to name but a few.

Chronic stress can lead to anxiety and depression.
Anxiety can cripple us, de-empower us and leave us treading water through life. It can distort our outlook on life and people, and with an anxious, constantly tired brain we can make mistakes and often not handle our emotional states well. People with anxiety may also deal with panic attacks. (NOT a pleasant experience, or something to be joked about!)

There are many wonderful, natural tools available to deal with stress like Bach rescue remedy (I like the blackcurrant lolly-like pastilles)
You can commit to a daily meditation routine, which will do wonders for you!

My favorite way to de-stress (and best way to customise a solution to yourself) is to use essential oils.


When we inhale the aroma of an essential oil, it sends an immediate message to our brain to boot our body into action.
Depending on which oil(s), this can instantly affect the many bodily reactions and systems, from emotions, memory & hormones to blood pressure, heart rate, breathing and STRESS. One simple sniff of a concentrated essential oil can almost instantaneously trigger our bodies into action, causing the production of feel-good neurotransmitters like serotonin and dopamine.

I’ve always found great results to fill a room with the positive effects of essential oils with ultrasonic aroma diffusers. Some people prefer the good old fashioned oil burner, but studies have shown they can burn the oil too fast and not release the therapeutic properties in the best way.
A slow release electric oil burner is also a good option if you don’t want to have to worry about refilling the diffuser with water all the time.
Bergamot is a beautiful stress-relieving oil, and pairing it with peppermint &/or lavender can help relieve feelings of stress and anxiety.
If blending oils isn’t your things, you could try Doterra’s Lavender peace; a pre blended 100% concentrated oil. This one is hands-down my daughter’s favorite for calming down after a busy day 😉

You can drop a few drops of your favorite oil blend on a cotton bud and put it in your handbag/gym bag/pocket for on the go too 🙂


Apply to the Body

Topical application of essential oils can also help reduce stress and anxiety, especially when paired with some deep breathing exercises.


Keeping a rollerball bottle ready with the essential oils that best complement your needs can help to maintain a calm and reduce tension throughout the day. Some of my favorite essential oils for rollerball include lavender, wild orange, lemon & frankincense. Citrus oils like lemon, wild orange, litsea (may chang) & bergamot can uplift and help to improve your mood throughout the day.
You can order pre made, tried and tested roller blends (like these) OR get creative and make your own! I’ll be making up an roller ball kits soon; please email me for more info & to order!

If you’re starting from scratch and want more info on how to start your essential oil collection on a budget, pop me an email, I’d love to help you!

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