Naturals Collection :: Lavender

$16.95 $14.00


Lavender is a commonly known scent, with quality varying from product to product.
Try our Naturals :: Lavender candle for a refreshing change – lavender the way it should be.

Our quality french lavender fragrance has hints of patchoulli & clary sage. This is deeply enhanced with a 40% quantity of pure lavender essential oil which has been steam distilled.
This means 40% of the ‘smell” in your candle is 100% pure lavender essential oil. The scent is amazingly pure and you’ll feel everyone in the room relaxing in no time.

100% pure natural soy wax. Natural and kosher, this wax is also formaldehyde free.
Every candle is hand crafted and finished with love in Roleystone Hills, Western Australia.

One 250g candle in a solid glass jar with glass lid.