Treatment Services

After a short break late 2017, I’m delighted to be back to therapies from 16th January 2018.
Hope to see you soon! 

If you’re looking for a relaxing pamper session perhaps try an AromaKALM Massage– KALM’s exclusive aromatherapy massage.

My specialty is catering to the individual… as everyone knows- we are all different. And every different body needs a different treatment approach.

Having studied and experienced firsthand muscle and nerve pain & injury I have a keen interest and understanding of how the body connects and repairs.

A combination of muscle & neuro muscular point releases, energy (reiki), massage and reflexology may be used in your treatment.
You are welcome to request a particular treatment type or I can customise your session to what is needed.
All initial treatment sessions are proceeded by a verbal consult so I have the very best understanding of how best to help you.

Please click on the treatment types below to find out more about each type of treatment, alternatively, use the Contact page to arrange an initial consultation & treatment.

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